PadaPath Hemp Yoga Towels

Two PadaPath Hemp Hot Yoga Towels

Simple, beautiful + natural.

Hemp is the strongest natural fiber know to man. It has been entrusted to serve humanity in the most demanding conditions and is both ancient and universally revered. Unlike synthetic nylons used in standard yoga towels, hemp is natural, born of the earth, child of a seed. After a lifetime of beautiful ground for your practice, it will return again to feed the source from which it came.

Yogi doing forward fold on a PadaPath Wet Traction Hemp Yoga Towel

Shiftless wet traction.

Standard yoga towels use a light weight poly nylon that feels synthetic to the touch and shifts underfoot requiring fixing. PadaPath's thick natural fiber weave Black and Natural hemp hot yoga towel Black hemp yoga towel packaged Black hemp yoga towel stack Natural hemp yoga towel packaged PadaPath hemp hot yoga towels for life feels beautiful to the touch whether by angled foot, pressing palm, or a rested cheek. Its heavy weave provides both greater absorbtion and shiftlessness through even your most athletic sweeping flows so you can remain focused on your practice. Reverse Warrior on a hemp hot yoga towel Prasarita on a hemp hot yoga towel Forward fold on a hemp hot yoga towel

Sweaty hot yogi with rolled PadaPath Hemp Hot Yoga Towel. Built for sweat.

Pure heat. Pure flow.

Designed especially for wet traction during a heated vinyasa practice, PadaPath hot yoga towels respond to your input. The more you sweat, the more hemp fibers swell to increase your grip and shiftlessness. When done, PadaPath's unique travel tails tie your mat-and-gear roll closed for travel to your next adventure. 24 x 70" machine wash & dry any temperature, no iron. Built for life.

PadaPath Hemp Yoga Towels - Designed for life.
Yogi on PadaPath Hemp Yoga Towel
Two PadaPath Hemp Hot Yoga Towels in black hemp and natural hemp
PadaPath Natural Hemp Yoga Towel package
PadaPath Hemp Yoga Towels
Natural Hemp
PadaPath Black Hemp Yoga Towel package
PadaPath Hemp Yoga Towels
Black Hemp
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